Forum Post 6: Researching Intervention Approaches



Remember to follow course guidelines on Forum Posting. Respond to the prompt fully--read the discussion prompt questions carefully. Respond to your classmates in a respectful and constructive manner, keeping in mind our course climate and netiquette expectations. Use full sentences and proper grammar.

We have begun learning about different disabilities and disorders over the last several weeks and this focus with continue in the coming weeks. For this forum post, you should investigate prevention or intervention strategies--ideally that are evidence-based--for one of the disabilities/disorders we have learned about thus far. You should find at least two reputable, valid sources that elaborates on a prevention/intervention approach beyond what you have learned about in the textbook. This might include an empirical article, news article or video, post or video from a seemingly reputable source (e.g., international/national organization, medical website, well-respected non-profit focus on disability/disorder, TEDx).  

You can choose amongst any of the conditions we discussed in the categories of learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, or intellectual and developmental disabilities (which we will discuss next).  This forum post requires an initial and reply post.

Initial Post: 

1) Identify the disorder/disability you researched, as well as the prevention/intervention approach you were interested in learning about. You should specify relevant age group, as the interventions may differ.

2) Provide the links to the sources you reviewed.

3) Provide at least 2 paragraphs elaborating on what you learned. Amongst your discussion, you should be sure to include:

-What are the symptoms or target areas that are the focus on the prevention/intervention?

-Who participates in the prevention/intervention (child, parent, etc.)? What is the setting where the prevention/intervention occurs (e.g., at school, home, clinic)? What is the format (e.g., individual therapy, group therapy, school-wide)?

-What type of approach is used and what are some of the main components? Is it clear whether there is evidence to support the approach?

 -Finally, provide some of your own reflections about the approach or other take-aways from your research.

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