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  • Forum Overview: For this forum, you’ll begin to understand environment assessment by examining the past.
  • Forum Directions: Using the list of entrepreneurs (found in Lesson/Week 1 required readings link), choose one entrepreneur to investigate. In your initial response, post the following:
    1. Identify the entrepreneur and company name
    2. Classify the innovative product as product or service related
    3. Analyze the environment for this entrepreneur at the time of idea inception by answering the following:
      • Was it trending down/up? Why? (What’s driving the trend?)
      • Did it have easy entry and exit?
      • How much knowledge did the entrepreneur have for this environment/industry?
        • If he/she lacked knowledge, how did he/she obtain that knowledge?
      • What were consumers wanting from this environment/industry?
      • Include your APA citations and bibliography.
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