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In the chapter "Crime and Punishment" (429-443 in McQuilken and Copan), various alternatives to prison are presented, and a short section deals with "Christian Responsibility for Criminal Justice." Consider the ideas presented in these sections specifically in light of the USA's continuing battle with illegal drug use. (In light of this, also be aware that Michelle Alexander, in The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in an Age of Colorblindness [The New Press, 2012], has pointed out that millions of young men are in prison today for minor drug possession offences, or small crimes). Consider the different possibilities and Christian responses in this chapter, and defend, in your initial post, a possible way to deal with minor drug offences that might be more effective than jail terms. You may want to do some internet searching on the matter as well--and if so, include the sources at the bottom of your initial thread. Four Hundred words--minimum (be sure to include the word count).

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