(Goes with Assignment #2 which I posted this week as well)
Use your progress assignment #2 topic for your conversation title
In the body of your post, state your thesis and list at least 4 sources
using Chicago bibliography format.
Provide an explanation as to why this topic is worthy of further research.
Once you have completed your own post, I encourage you to browse through
posts on related topics. As you do so, be sure to ask questions regarding
your classmates' topics/intended approach. Consider whether the sources your
classmates have uncovered may be helpful for your research, or whether you
have encountered any sources that may be useful to theirs. In addition, you
might want to comment on which analytical method might be most appropriate
to address their research topic. I encourage you to collaborate, but your
thesis should not closely resemble that of another student. You are to come
up with your own unique thesis statement. 

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