Forensic Files: Beaten By a Hair


1. Describe Laura’s background: 

2. What did police discover that was peculiar about her bed?

3. Discuss the path the bloodhound took:

4. Was the blood on the found pillow Laura’s?

5. What was the name of the chemical that shows the presence of blood?

6. Discuss what was found in Laura’s hairbrush?

7. Where was a partial bloody thumbprint found?

8. Discuss the reasons why Hadden Clark was a suspect:

9. Was Hadden Clark’s wig a match for the wig fiber found in Laura’s brush?

10. What was part of the plea deal that Hadden Clark agreed to?

11. “Now with the new ______________________________ that are helping us out, it allows the

investigator to have new tools to help find that little tiny bit of ______________________, that

sometimes is there.

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