Your organization suspects that they have a malware infection somewhere in the environment. List several ways you could detect the infected system(s). What is the most practical means you can devise to identify the infected system(s)? What was one other means you initially considered but rejected? Why did you reject that method?

Provide a paragraph each for the list of ways to detect infected systems, the most practical means you found, and a rejected means and why it was rejected.


Based on the knowledge you have achieved thus far in this class, compose a minimum 2-page, double-spaced expository essay using the current APA version with a title page and reference page detailing what career-building networking and advancement skills you could utilize as an IT professional and describe how you will use this knowledge in your present or future career. For example, you could find and get involved with local security associations and learn about the opportunities in your area. Example associations would be IEEE, ISSA, ASIS, Infragard, (ISC)2, and the AISP. Most have membership discounts for students. Include any information you can find out in your lab. Provide at least four ideas and explain thoroughly. You must have at least two references.

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