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School Psychologist Interview


Identifying exceptional learning needs typically involves the work of school psychologists. Interview a school psychologist to help you better understand what they do and how that should inform what an early childhood teacher does to serve children with disabilities.

Use the interview outline below as a starting place, and add any other questions you think are important. If you like, you can share these questions with the psychologist prior to the interview so he or she knows what to expect. Then, submit in the assignment area a report of the interview, including answers to the five questions listed below, along with your brief analysis of these responses. You will also post a summary of your interview in this unit's discussion.

Your paper should be 3–4 pages long. Support your statements with APA citations from the course resources and other readings, along with your interview.

Interview Outline

  • What should a teacher look for, and what would be a red flag warning that a child may have a disability?
  • What information would be required from the teacher if an evaluation was necessary?
  • What tools would you use to evaluate a child? When and why would you use them?
  • What information is included in the multidisciplinary report?
  • How is the report used to plan appropriate learning activities for a child?

This is the school psychologist scoring guide my instructor will be grading the interview.

 Describes warning signs that a child may have a disability and analyzes why these signs are important. 25% 

 Describes information required from a teacher if evaluation is necessary and analyzes why it is important. 25%

Describes tools to use to evaluate a child, and analyzes when and why to use them. 25% 

 Describes information to include in a multidisciplinary report and analyzes how a multidisciplinary report is used to plan appropriate learning activities for a child.

Discussion 2

Warning Signs

Share with other learners a 2-3-paragraph summary of what you learned from your interview with a school psychologist. Based on your interview and on your readings, when should you be concerned that a child may have exceptional needs? When should you ask for help, and when should you ask for a special education evaluation?

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