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For the past 3-4 weeks, we have worked on a broad overview of public relations: the industry, history and function, and the practitioners. Public relations should be understood as a management function of an organization, as successfully building, maintaining, and evaluating relationships (with publics) are key to the success of an organization.

While it's true that public relations is unique because it is a management function of an organization, but many people confuse PR with some of communication functions in society. 

For the first small paper, examine the relationship between public relations and other related communication venues:

  1. Define public relations. 
  2. Explain the function of public relations. 
  3. Explain how public relations is similar to journalism, marketing, and advertising. 
  4. Explain how public relations is different from journalism, marketing, and advertising.

Things to remember:

1. The paper should not exceed 350 words. A minimum required length is 250 words. 

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