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Discussion 1

Choose one of the instructional conditions in “Accommodating All Children in the Early Childhood Classroom”

Part 1: 

Locate Web resources to assist you in answering questions on your chosen instructional condition and share the resources in APA format here. How has this instructional condition changed over time?

Part 2: 

How have legislation and policy affected the use of this instructional condition for diverse learners?

Discussion 2

What math skills (addition & subtraction) can you apply to your career and life?How did your results from the Show What You Know diagnostic reflect an understanding, or lack of understanding, about this content?

How has your understanding changed this week?


I personally dislike the placebo effect. Maybe because I still feel unfamiliar with the whole concept but to me it seems like a big lie. Doctors are "faking" surgeries and then all of a sudden the patient is better. It makes me wonder if some of these patients are lying? The placebo effect challenges the foundation of modern medicine because there is a lot put into modern medicine with testing and diagnosing and then the placebo gives a sugar pill and/or fake surgery and suddenly the patient is all better. The placebo effect makes many believe that there is someone deep in our minds that gives us the power to heal ourselves. Many believe its important and relevant to health psychology because its helped some, but not all cases. If the placebo effect actually truly worked then wouldn't we all be healed? Ethically speaking the doctor is technically lying to the patient because the surgery was fake and the pill is most likely a sugar pill. I think for certain cases if the placebo effect is not working then actually prescribe something that would benefit the patient so that way the patient is not in harms way. 

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