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Arrange to observe two children of different early childhood ages in a specific environment, such as recess, the playground, a daycare facility, a children's museum, or a physical education class or program. 

Create a graphic organizer or checklist that allows you to: 

  • Annotate your observations.
  • Compare the two stages of development you observed.
  • Check off observed behaviors or developmental skills. 

Observe the children and document their characteristics of growth and development using your checklist or graphic organizer. 

Write a 700-word summary of your findings. Include the following: 

  • Examples of the activities engaging the children
  • Similarities between their two stages of development
  • Differences between their two stages of development 

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 


Write a list of 7 to 10 interview questions about threats to student development and support strategies. Refer to your discussion from this week's Collaborative Activity: Teacher Question Development. 

Address the following in your questions: 

  • Threats to student growth and development
  • Moral development
  • Strategies used to support students emotionally, socially, physically, and academically
  • Examples of support strategies in at least two content areas 

Interview a teacher of a primary grade (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) using your questions.  

Create a 7- to 10-slide Prezi® or a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that includes the following: 

  • Your interview questions
  • The teacher's responses
  • Recommendations of professional practices for educators facing similar student threats to development 
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