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Go to Issues and Controversies website - the picture of the world.  You will see a list of blue topics listed on the right side of the screen, click Access All Topics.  This will give you a list of topic ideas (including both sides of the issue) from A-Z.  You may use one article from Issues and Controversies as one of your four sources (the other three or all four should come from AVL).   The thesis statement must be written in a should/should not phrase.

If it asks for a user name and password use the following.

User name:  Snead
Password:  Parsons

You will use the Alabama Virtual Library link (it's the picture of the world on this tab) to research four sources; however, one of the four sources may come from Issues and Controversies. -

  1. Click on Alabama Virtual Library link below
  2. Click on View All Resources (top center)
  3. Although you may use any of the databases listed, recommended databases include Academic Search Premier, Opposing Viewpoints In Context, InfoTrac General One File, EBSCOhost Search, MasterFILE Premier, Newspaper Source, SIRS Discoverer, Gale PowerSearch.
  4. Type in the topic you are researching in the SEARCH box. YOU NEED TO BE VERY SPECIFIC IN TYPING IN YOUR SEARCH MATERIAL. For example, if your topic is school uniforms and you type in school uniforms, you would get thousands of articles; narrow it down to specific focus on your topic (school uniforms and violence). The more specific and focused you are in your search, the more relevant and useful articles you will get. Use the word AND in your search title. Once you have typed in your topic (being very specific) then click search.
  5. You MUST use full text articles; you cannot use abstracts of articles. So as you scroll down through the list, look for complete articles that will SUPPORT your ideas.
  6. Once you find an article that looks interesting, open it and read through the article to see if contains information that will support YOUR opinion and ideas.
  7. Once you have identified an article that you want to use in your argumentative essay, you must next find the citation information of the article.  In the top right hand corner of the page you will see a box with a link titled citation tools. (All the databases you can use should have this tool; it may be titled MLA citation or something along those lines, just look for a link that deals with citation material. Also, on some of the databases this link may not be at the top right hand corner of the page; it may be at the end of the article or somewhere near the beginning of the article). Click on that link; make sure the MLA 7th ed. is used. This will give you the format for that article; you can copy and paste this information just as it appears on this page to your works cited page. Once you paste it to your works cited page, you may have to adjust the indentation and spacing, all caps versus lower case (see Sample Works Cited page).  Also, make sure that the font type is the same for all the citations (the font should either be Times New Roman or Ariel in 12 point font size).   I recommend using the sample of works cited entries to check your copied/pasted citations. As you research, you should simultaneously be developing the Works Cited page.  As you copy/paste works cited information onto the Works Cited page, be sure to do so in alphabetical order.  Always use the very first letter of the citation to determine alphabetization. Remember, build your works cited page as you find sources!

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