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Jigsaw puzzles use strategies that develop problem-solving skills and boost logical reasoning. People complete jigsaw puzzles individually and in groups. In groups, cooperative learning is used to help each other solve the puzzle and build comprehension. Individually, cooperative learning helps build critical thinking. Online, it is difficult to solve the puzzle and build comprehension; however, we will each take a piece of the jigsaw puzzle below (SEE ATTACHED)and discuss the following questions:

  • which component of the fire sprinkler is your selected puzzle piece;
  • when does that component activate; and
  • where, why, or how is the component used?

Finish with discussing if you have ever seen a sprinkler head activated. If so, where? Did it control or extinguish the fire?

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, "Tom's response to Susan's comment."



My part of the jigsaw puzzle is the frangible bulb section. The frangible bulb is a liquid filled glass, this liquid is usually alcohol and water or glycerin and water. This bulb holds the cap in place on the sprinkler orifice, that prevents water from flowing. This glass only breaks when the temperature begins to rise, the increase temperature causes the liquid to expand to the point of breaking the glass. Once it is hot enough the glass breaks and at this point the water is released onto the deflector that creates the spray coverage area. 

I have seen a sprinkler head activate one time in an office. Some one threw away a napkin with a solvent material on it causing spontaneous combustion. Once the heat elevated in that office the sprinkler head above the fire activated and extinguished the fire. 

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