Finish an Internship Report


This is an unfinished Intern Report here, you need to work for three part of this paper, they are:

1. Did you accomplish your goals through the Internship and how did you accomplish it?


Learn public administrative and public administration skills (how to become a public executive) through this internship, and learn about this ability by participating in the CGM department's project planning, decision making, management, adjustment and regulation. (one page double space)


Gaining management knowledge compared to other non-profit entities and other government agencies. (one page double space)

2.  How did this internship help you better understand the role of public administration/service?  (Half page double space)

3.  What did you learn about public administration through the internship? (half page double space)

4. Make a conclusion for the report (Half page double space)

To help you with these parts, it's helpful to read what has been done in the report. 

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