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#1 Danielle Cabriales 

The first thing that stands out to me about this painting is the couple in the front right. They seem to be the closest, and your attention is taken from them. After you see them, the left side is more visible and you can see how far everything looks. Compare the couple on the right to the people, there is a big opening and it allows you to look farther into the painting I think. I think the artist wanted to use space to show that two views can have the same look but when individuals are closer, it seems that it is different when it is actually balanced. When you look at the clothes, It seems all of the jackets match together, they have the same color scheme and everything. The artist uses asymmetrical drawings, he uses a two-point perspective and shows one building that is going into different ways, and everything else having the same lines as the sidewalk. The artist shows a raining day with everyone walking around with umbrellas, even a carriage painted in the back. 

#2.  Yolande Njomjeu 

Paris Street; Rainy Day by Gustave Caillebotte

Media: Oil on Canvas

The painting looks like a camera shot. The foreground of the painting is in focus while the background is becoming more and more blurry. The artist used a two point perspective. The large building in the back appears to recedes in two directions. The elements of this painting are in a realistic proportions. The buildings in the background are tall and wide whereas people in the street appear small. Every elements of this painting has a hard-edged shape. They all have clearly defined boundaries. We can clearly see the lines and curves on the pavements, the umbrellas, the buildings, people faces and clothes. The artist used an asymmetrical balance. The elements on this painting are not equally distributed on the canvas. There are unoccupied spaces on the painting that counterbalance the tall buildings and the people in the street.

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