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#1  Lincoln Campbell 

Did Roman Artists copy Greek art?

Every great empire/nation that conquered a foreign land will always take something that is beautiful from the inhabitants of that land. The Romans Empire did that when they took over the Greeks kingdom. They transformed that Greek statues of expression to fate their style; as a result, it transformed the Roman Empire into an empire of beautiful statues and buildings that made it today to be one of the wonders of the world.

If they did then how and why?

As stated in Introduction to Art (Ch 4, Pg 110), “The Romans, although deeply admiring the classical Greek art, held different cultural ideas and ideals, so Roman art, unless directly copying the Greek, would express their different views of life and the world. These included especially Roman worldliness, their boundless interest in expansion (which brought in a great variety of additional influences), their great ingenuity and inventiveness in such arenas as engineering and architecture, and their stress on individualism.” They took the Greek design and material they used to great their own. The Roman artists created statue from marble and bronze the same way the Greek did. They took Greek statue artists to work as statues makers in all part of the Roman Empire. They work with other Roman artists and in doing so those Romans artist learned and improve their skills in statues designers. The Romans took some feature from the Greek’s statue, but they design theirs to look more realistic, image in-depth, and details of clothes and skin. They decided to create their statues as such because they believe it an image of a actual person. Also, statues were created for a remembrance of an individual. Statue was created as the likeness of an individual, and a displayed of that individual power and wealth. Overall, Romans’ portray was created to displayed Power and control.

Two examples are The Portray of Augustus of Prima Porta and the Marble Portrait Head of The Emperor Constantine I. Both statues were created as a likeness of two of Rome greatest leaders.

#2.  Brandon White

Good morning,

After research, and from my own knowledge, I very much believe that the Roman's not only copied Greek art, they included and adapted it to their own culture to a very point. In some cases, they only went as far as to rename their Gods, such as Zeus and Ares, who became Jupiter and Mars respectively. One of the largest differences was the fact that Roman's carved their statues out of marble, while the Greek's used bronze. This was something that was counter effective as time went on, because it allowed statues to be melted down and reused for different purposes, as compared to the marble of the Roman's. Given time, they eventually broke the Greek pattern of just male subjects being sculpted, and eventually the Roman's created the first female statue to be sculpted nude. This continued to be reused and adapted in terms of portraits, and art styles.

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