FINC 200

In thinking about this course and the concepts reviewed thus far, I would like you to come up with a plan 

to achieve three  (3) goals. 

The first, short term, eg. Funding the Spring 2020 Semester, or a Spring Break get away.

The second, intermediate term ( 2 – 9 years), eg.  Buying a car, or furnishing an apartment.

The Third, Long term (10 years +), eg.  Buying a house, Retirement, ( how much and at what age).

Each of the goals that you select must be specific, have a time frame and  a cost estimate.  What resources will you need to achieve these goals?  What is the estimated cost of these goals?  What is your plan to achieve the goals?  What information sources did you use to gather data?

I want to see some real thought put into this. What tools that you have been introduced to in this course might be useful in reaching these goals. Eg  Time-Value of Money, FICO scores and credit, investment 


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