Finance Project Assignment


1. Access the financial actuals; that is, historical financial data for the past five years for the bank ( Wells Fargo Bank), as well as your bank's competitor.  o This may be taken from the commercial bank's web site, or from the SEC web site. 

2. Develop a Microsoft Excel 2016 spreadsheet model using data given in the Statement of Financial Position. This should include:  

o the balance sheet, 

o income statement, and 

o five to 10 common industry specific financial ratios for both your selected commercial bank and its competitor. 

3. Given your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, and the information it yields, write a report which discusses your commercial bank's strengths and weaknesses.  

o This report must be written using the Microsoft Word 2016 

4. Access the prevailing rates set by the Federal Reserve Board. 

 o Prepare a chart and analyze your selected commercial bank’s historical profitability with the Federal Reserve interest rates over the past five years 

o Discuss how these rates affected your bank’s profitability 

5. Read the Annual Report of your selected commercial bank. Answer and discuss the following:  

o What is the announced mission, and future direction, as stated by the bank’s Chief Executive Officer?

o Is your commercial bank in a good financial position to achieve those objectives? 

6. Review and summarize the latest Dodd-Frank Act Stress Test results. 

7. Review and summarize the latest BASEL III disclosures. 

8. Prepare a forecast of your selected bank’s projected profitability (You forecast this!).  

o Assume that the Federal Reserve Board holds the interest rates “as is" or constant 

o Discuss the impact this constant interest rate would have on three years of your bank’s profitability 

9. Submit the Microsoft Word 2016 document, the Microsoft Excel 2016 spreadsheet files and a narrated Microsoft PowerPoint.

 All the work should be properly cited in your paper per Keller policy, and a reference page should be included at the end of your Word document. The narrated PowerPoint must be at least a 10-minute narration summarizing your findings.

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