1.the first pdf is the case, you have to read it and then write the analysis.

2. the second document is a sample for the case analysis and it is same topic. she got 8 point out of 10. I would like to have a higher score than that.

3. the third document is the most important one, the instruction for the case analysis which is really important. you have to write two pages analysis double space no more than that and you can add more data pictures in the appendix which are not include in the two pages analysis.

4. the 4th document is the last one case analysis comment from the professor. I only got 7.5 out of 10 points. Please read the comments and try to do it better in the second case analysis. Thank you.

5. look the format for case analysis in the instruction, follow the steps and answer the questions.

6. rest of the ppts are the slides that we used on the classes, if you need to find any strategies you can try to find them in the ppts.

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