Final Project


It carries 25 points and has two parts: 

1. Read, label, annotate (explaining why you think as you do) a New Yorker article for 12 points. 

  1. The rhetorical situation: persona of the writer, purpose, audience, genre; 2 point 
  2. Mark the claims, & so what, and add your own headings so you paraphrase the whole arc of the argument (or writer’s stance). 4 points 
  3. Find, label and explain these: 3 points
    1. At least 3 strategies for coherence 
    2. Why it (the issue or problem in the article) matters
  4. Find & discuss any two examples of two of these items below: 3 points 
    1. Everyday language
    2. Metacommentary 
    3. Templates 
    4. Voice markers 
    5. Naysayers & answers to the naysayer 
    6. “Framed” or “nested”  quotations 

2 Work the Metacognition table, thoughtfully and completely for 13 points.

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