Final Paper Requirements for WRTG 107


Final Paper Requirements for ENG 107--Composition

This semester, we’ve focused on questions—questions of identity in our first paper, questions of purpose in our second paper, and questions of virtues and vices in our third paper. For your final paper, you’ll be writing a research paper on a topic of your choosing tied to questions of existence. Perhaps you have an opinion on what it means to be alive, what our responsibilities are to each other, our planet, our families, our communities. Perhaps there is something that you feel gives life meaning… something that gives us a reason to be or not to be. What are your big questions? Your big wonderings? What is something you’d love to see solved?

Main Paper Requirements:

  • Approx. 7-10 pages of      writing (this does not include your works cited/reference page(s))
  • Use at least 5 sources      (interviews, journals, articles, etc.). 
  • 3 of the 5 mandatory      sources should be peer reviewed.

§ Use appropriate MLA or APA citations and formatting 

Format Requirements for ALL:

Document should be formatted as follows: 

  • Final draft should be in      12-point Arial or 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Final draft should be      double spaced with 1-inch margins


Topic due date/Class meets in library: Thursday, 10/25

In-class Working Session: Thursday, 11/8

In-progress draft #1 due: Tuesday, 11/13 --Hardcopy to class for in-class workshop

Draft #1 in-class workshop continues: Thursday, 11/15

Draft #2 due: Tuesday, 11/20 to dropbox (no class)

Open workshop: Thursday, 11/29, 4-7

Final draft due: NO LATER THAN MONDAY, 12/10 at 4PM

NOTE: Papers not submitted by this date/time will not receive credit

Rubric for Grading:


Final   Paper (100) 


Growth   from draft one to final draft, globally and locally revised (50) 


Final   draft clarity, connection to assignment, proofread/copy edited (40) 


Meets   format/due date requirements (10) 

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