FINAL EXAM Intro to Ethics


Part 1. Response should be clear, well-reasoned and developed, approximately 1-2 pages in length

1) What is emotivism? Why does it make the apparent fact of moral disagreement so problematic? Discuss the pros and cons of viewing morality as emotivism does. Provide analysis and include appropriate citations.

Part 2: Answer the following question. Response should be approximately 1-2 pages in length. 

2) Compare and contrast utilitarianism and natural law theory in their analysis of a moral act. Include an analysis of the principle of double effect and apply both theories to a contemporary moral issue. Include appropriate citations and analysis

Part 3. Answer the following question, response should be clear, well-reasoned and developed, and approximately 1-2 pages in length.

3) What are the main similarities and differences between traditional ethical theories and virtue ethics? What are the most important questions in ethics as far as virtue ethics is concerned? Do you agree or disagree that those are the most important ethical questions? Analyze, explain, and cite.

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