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Responses must be at least 550 words each (not counting sources and references) and each must have at least 2 different sources properly cited in accordance with APA.

1) Assess the scope and effectiveness of extraterritorial legislation as it relates to the prosecution of sex tourists.

2) Assess the impact of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. How successful are they are reducing these types of crime?

3) Discuss the difficulties with interviewing the victims of child-sexual victmization cases. What should professionals do to ensure the validity of any testimony collected?

4) Assess our government's progress in battling sexual exploitation of children. If you were to give them a report card what would the grade be and why?

5) Explain how transnational child pornography, child sex tourism, and child sex trafficking are connected to each other and provide two strategies that can be employed to combat such crimes.

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