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Discussion #2

Discuss how effective the Federal Open Market Committee has been over the past decade using open market operations to achieve its goals of price stability and maximum employment. (Consider inflation and unemployment levels over the past decade. Is the Fed doing all it can to meet its dual mandate? Are there any major variables influencing price stability and employment that are largely beyond the Fed's control?) It is expected that you will support your views with data, particularly relating to inflation rates and unemployment levels over the past decade. Mere opinion on the efficacy of the Fed's open market operations will not be sufficient to earn full points.

Your response should be a minimum of 500 words, clearly written, with sources cited, and spelling and grammar checked before posting. Although you may refer to the ideas of others, I'm primarily interested in your opinion, so you should avoid simply relying upon outside sources. Please take care to provide proper attribution for any comments and ideas that are not your own.

Finally, your comments should not include general Fed policy objectives or the mechanics of open market operations. All 500 words of the assignment are to be used to specifically address the Fed's effectiveness over the past decade in achieving its dual mandate.

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