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Format: Times New Roman 12 pts., justified text, 1.5 lines, .pdf format, 500-750 words.

The following are mostly recent, mostly feature-length historical fiction films about major human rights problems or campaigns. Most of these films can be obtained from You will receive a zero if you cut and paste a film review from the web, the assignment is to analyze the film in terms of class themes, in your *own* words and referring to at least one of our class readings. 

In your review, please be sure to address the following points, about one paragraph each: 

1) What is the main message or theme of the film? (1 pts)

2) What is the historical background of the situation the film seeks to dramatize? 

(1 pts) 

3) How does that history relate to issues we have studied in class, such as the patterns of the violation, levels of responsibility, and/or measures to remedy violations? (2pts)

4) a) What dramatic techniques does the film use to help an audience connect with the human rights problem?; b) are they effective?; c) do they represent an accurate picture of the problem (whether or not any specific character or incident is based on a true story, are those features typical of the situation, or do they bring up important dilemmas)? (3 pts)

5) a) Would you recommend this film?; b) for what type of audience (students, policymakers, the general public, etc.)?; c) why or why not? (3 pts)

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