Imagine that you work for a large, global company that builds power plants for electricity. This industry has a long-term perspective and requires stable, reliable countries in order to make Foreign Direct Investments. You are assigned to evaluate the following countries for a long-term investment: South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, and Kenya. Recall what you have learned in this chapter about political and legal factors and political ideologies, as well as earlier discussions about global business ethics and bribery. Provide and support your evaluation of each country and provide your recommendations to senior management in a five-page paper.

Requirements for all papers:

  1. All papers must be grammatically correct utilizing APA guidelines, 6th edition.
  2. Writing word-for-word out of any book is plagiarism and will not be accepted for credit. Using another student’s work is plagiarism and will not be accepted for credit.
  3. Students will need more than just the text to write these papers. Please refer to the list of references and the Baker College library. At least one scholarly resource is required, in addition to our text, to support your papers.
  4. Each paper shall include a cover page, reference page, running head, introduction, body and conclusion.
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