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The questions and the novel will be uploaded .please answer only one question and follow the instruction .I need it  by Tuesday 3/17/2020.Please note. Its a research paper .The tittle of the novel is  "The Scrivener A Story of Wall-Street" Please answer only one  question out of the three question.

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    one-two page post

    based on the assigned portion of Bartleby (pp. 1-9), describe the narrator's personality, goals, and office furnishings / arrangement. Then, based on this part of the story and the scholarly sources …

  • Choose ONE of the elements of a short story (plot, character, conflict, setting, point of view, climax, tone, theme) as the main idea for a two-page essay.

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    eng 10

    respond to Agamben’s “Bartelby, or On Contingency.”

    respond to Melville's “Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street.

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    one page post

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