Exploratory Synthesis Essay


but you must cite at least six and no more than ten sources. The majority of your sources must be located using the library databases, although quality sources that you find on the internet are permitted if they have been approved by me. Refer to the guidelines on locating and evaluating sources, found in Modules 6-7, for more information regarding how to properly evaluate source texts. Be sure to carefully review the comments I have made on your weekly writing assignments so far. My comments should lead you in the right direction as you work on drafting your essay. Don't forget to include a works cited page and to cite all of your sources, including in-text citations, in MLA Style. Please note that your essay should be between 750-850 words.

  • Incorporate ideas from the Issue Proposal, Research Worksheet, Annotated Bibliography, and Exploratory Essay Outline, along with any additional research needed, in order to explain a variety of perspectives about an important topic
  • Progress through the writing process of drafting, peer reviewing, and revising in order to produce an Exploratory Essay.
  • although the direction you take and your perspective on the topic may evolve as you learn more about it through research. The number and type of sources you use in your exploratory essay is up to you,
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