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Signature Assignment Experiment

Your signature assignment will be to design and test a protective cage for an egg that would allow the egg to fall from at least 5 feet onto a hard surface without breaking.  

1. You must protect the egg, and not the floor - in other words you can't drop the egg onto a stack or paper towels, but you could wrap the egg in several.

2. You may not coat the egg with resin or glue.

3. The egg needs to be raw.

4. Your protection should be made of a single material with something to hold it together.  For example: marshmallows stuck together with glue, Popsicle sticks stuck together with scotch tape, etc.  You are testing the design,

5. You should plan on a design being tested many times before modifying it, and then testing the modification many times.

6. Nothing about this is due this week, but please read through the experimental design and start thinking about the best way to do the experiment.  Some things to think about:

a. What is the dependant variable? What is the independent variable? What are the constants?

b. How will you measure, using what units, and to what degree of accuracy?

c. How will you have a control? What would the null hypothesis be?  For that matter, what is your original hypothesis?

d. How many trials will you run for each change in design (each change is called an iteration)

e. How will you collect data? What kind of graphhs should you make?

f. After you have satisfied yourself as to your design keeping eggs safe at 5 feet, how high can you go? (remember to be safe while doing this!)

Please complete the design sheet(attached word file).

The final report must include 2 more data charts. 

I also attached a sample file. 

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