Experiential Paper 2



Experiential Paper 2

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Experiential Paper 2 Note: Prior approval of meeting is needed before you attend. Only virtually meetings are accepted!  (You can attend an AA meeting beginning Week 4 - no earlier, and then the paper is due no later than end of this week. Before you attend a meeting , you must indicate where (link), when (night and time), the name of the meeting, type of meeting) -- if you haven't already done this. 

Compose a 2000 word paper detailing the your experience at an A.A. 12-step meeting (can be only be AA or Ala-Non to receive credit) attended during the semester. First, you will need to post under the Discussion Module - Self Help Meeting Information, the meeting that you will attend: time, place (link), name of meeting, type of meeting. You can do this ahead of time. I want to make sure you are attending the right meeting.

You will attend an open meeting (open means that the meeting is open to everyone; a closed meeting is only for those who identify as alcohol dependent or have a desire to stop drinking. Do not join an online Closed meeting!).

When you attend, introduce yourself as a student attending the meeting for a class on alcohol misuse. Remember you are there to listen only. No notes, recordings, or pictures are to be taken during the experience.

You will also need to write about the following content. Each of these are headings too:

  1. Your own personal experience and how it relates to you, g., the topic in general.
  2. What was the topic?
  3. What was the format of the meeting?
  4. Do you view people with alcohol dependence different than yourself? In what ways?
  5. Were there any surprises about the meeting, the meeting content, people, ?
  6. Did you feel more or less compassion for those who are addicted to alcohol?
  7. What was most meaningful to you?
  8. Would you use this support group, if you had difficulties around alcohol use? (Remember this is not treatment, this is a support group ran by those affected by alcohol dependence).

If the meeting is not listed in AA's intergroup local and national listing, it is not an AA meeting. Just so you know, meetings take place around the clock in almost every country and time zone. If you use your phone, instead of computer, you may encounter phone charges (Check your phone plan).

Late submissions are subject to a reduction of 10% of the total assignment value first day, 5% each subsequent day.

Format: APA format style Separate title page 12 point font Numbered pages 1" margins

Headings: Personal reaction as first heading followed by each question as the heading.

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