question 1

Which of the following is not true of Informal channels of commuication within organizations?

 1.They  always follow proper organizational channels to their intended recipients

 2. They may originate with individuals not acting officially

 3. Senders of such communications often try to avoid going through formal hierarchical ( or other ) channels

 4. They are not building blocks to articulate official purposes strategies and tactics.

Question 2

An agency directly involved in administering monetary policy is the

1. Federal Reserve Board 

2. General Accounting Office

3. Office of Management and budget

4. none of the above

Question 3

The conflict between those advocating a higher standard of living and those seeking to enhance the quality of life is symobolized by confrontation over

1. developing new means of exploiting the resources of outer space versus pure space exploration versus no space research

2. foreign policy

3. Construction of nuclear power plants 

4. gun control

Question 4

The first important step in legitimizing public employee organization and labor activity was

1. The Sherman Act

2. The Lloyd-LaFollett Act 

3. Executive Order 10988

4. Executive Order 12033

5. Title VII of the Civil Service Reform Act

Question 5 

Using  your own words and complete sentences describe at least three factors impacting the current state of Public Administration. These factors may relate to politics, law management or public policy be sure to incorporate terms and concepts from the textbook in your discussion

Question 6

We reviewed multiple responsibilities and expectations for leaders in Public Administration write a brief essay ( using your own words and complete sentences) In which you describe thee major factors that contribute to the success or failure of a leader/manager in public administration

Question 7

Which type of committee is responsible for overseeing annual budgets in their entirety

1. Appropriations committees 

2.Budget Committees

3. Oversight Committees 

4. Tax-legislation Committees

Question 8 

Elections are one example of what type of check and balance?

1. Administrative efficiency

2. Community Control

3. Freedom of information

4. Political accountability

Question 9 

Among the new assumptions about government are all of the following except

1. taxpayers are less willing to approve tax increases

2. programs are better administered at the state and local levels

3. Public managers are overpaid 

4. Government cannot do anything right

Question 10

Describe at least three factors related to personnel administration in public administration. In your answer be sure to clearly identify the factor  an explore both positive and negative impact  that may be a result of the fact

Question 11

The growth of bureaucracy can be explained by an the following except

1. Increasingly complex technology

2. Public pressures

3. economic crises and natural disasters

4. divided government

5. Acceptance of regulation

Question 12 

Doing which step of the budgetary cycle is power given to incur financial obligation?

1. Appropriations

2. Audit

3. Authorization

4. Execution

5. Preparation

Question 13

Efforts to reinvent government have emphasized all of the following except

1. cutting red tape

2. putting customers first

3. empowering employees to achieve results

4. Increased regulation

Question 14 

Which of the following is part of both Weber's and Taylor's theories of organization

1. Emphasis on productivity, rationality and profit 

2. Assumption of a vertical chain of command 

3. Finding the one best way to perform a task

4. A concern with the professionalism of employees

Question 15

Public managers are likely to face conflicting incentives from all of the following except 

1. elected representatives 

2. unionized workers

3. Citizens

4. Administrative supervisors

Question 16 

All of the following are part of Weber's model of bureaucracy except

1. formal rules and procedures 

2. hierarchy

3. narrow span of control

4. maintenance of files and records 

Question 17

Which of the following establishes a mandatory deadline for a balanded budget

1. Congressional Budget Act

2. Economic Stabilization Act

3. Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act

4. Sunset Laws

Question 18 

The concept of self-actualization is associated with

1. Kurt Lewin

2. Elton Mayo

3. Chester Barnard

4. Abraham Maslow

Question 19

The entity with the major responsibility of overseeing the program and management activities of other Federal bureaucratic agencies in the national executive branch is the 

1. Office of management and budget

2. National Security Council

3. Whitehouse Office

4.Council of Economic Advisors

Question 20

Planning and analysis is a process that includes all the following except 

1. defining and choosing the operational goals of an organization

2. analyzing alternative choices for resource distribution 

3. selecting senior officials to manage program resources

4. choosing methods used to achieve goals over a specified time period

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