Evolution of Earth and Life


MUST BE 6 PAGES 1500 words.


Pick a topic that really interests you that is related to new scientific research. For example, 

many of the articles used in the midterm exam were popular news stories of recently published 

research. (Link of topic chosen below) Must use that.

Summary: For this project please write an essay of at least 1500 words (not counting references) on any topic that interests you (1) that involves paleontology or a closely related field and (2) for which you can work into your essay a recent discovery or reinterpretation published in a respected, peer-reviewed scientific journal.  

Include references at the end of the paper, at MINIMUM: 

1 piece of primary scientific literature + 2 news articles + 2 additional articles 

Approach to the paper: Your topic can be (a) a review of information, (b) a persuasive essay about a point of view, or (c) offer a new perspective on a topic. Most people choose a review of information – basically, being a reporter – since a persuasive essay or new perspective may require a more in-depth knowledge of a topic than most students feel they have at this point. 

This is the article link I choose as my article


Listing your citations

Please list all the references you use at the end of your paper. Please do NOT include your citations 

in a separate document. You may use any standard referencing system, as long as you are internally 


You should refer specifically to the piece of primary literature in your article, mentioning the 

publication and, as appropriate, the authors. You can see how it’s done in other good science news 

articles. It is best to use “in text citations” when you are discussing specific points raised in the 

articles you’ve read; you can be informal citations in the manner often found in popular media 

articles, such as “According to Smith,” or you can use the standard author-date system or use 

footnotes. You don’t need in-text citations for general information you used to learn about the topic, 

such as a Wikipedia article you read to better understand the taxonomy of the group you’re writing 

about, but all resources that you use should be cited at the end of your paper.

If you wish to have guidance on formatting references, please see the separate file on Canvas titled 

“scientific citation format” for information about formatting your references.

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