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Research Question

Clearly and concisely states your group research question as formulated  which is : Effects of Exercise on Clients with Mental Health Disorders

Overview of the Problem: Statement of Problem in General 

1. How many patients have mental health problems in the US? 

2. What are the common mental health diseases in the U.S.?

3. What are common treatment modalities for mental health disorders in general?

Significance of Problem: Statement of Specific Problem that warrants your Research Question

1. What are the common side effects medications prescribed?   

2. What are common barriers to exercising in this population?

3. Describe the rationale for why your group needs to explore other interventions to enhance exercise for those with mental health issues. 

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  • · Page Length: 3-4 pages Excluding Title and Reference pages

    · The paper will include the following:

    § Clinical Question

    § Group Research Question and in PICOT format

    § Purpose of …