Everyone's An Author Chapter 13 “Writing analytically” – read, outline, submit (The EBOOK its attached)

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Example of an outline to follow:


Sample paper following the Sample outline example:

Twenty five students enrolled in an English 1301 class for May minimester. When they enrolled, they probably had a goal to pass this class. However, according to the statistics and data, on average 33% of students do not finish their first year of college. Why? What happened? Did those students who fail or drop out end up with a bad instructor? No – they all had the same instructor. Did the 33% of the unsuccessful students get deathly ill? Hopefully not. Another question is: why other students did just fine? Why were they successful? Did they have something that put them ahead? This is a typical scenario not only for college, but for any job and even any life situation. Some people are more successful than others. And it is not always
their superior intellect or family money. Then what? Is possible that successful students exhibit certain traits that set them apart from less successful peers?
Self-motivation, self-discipline, time management, and utilization of resources are the four important characteristics of a successful student.

You will start your first body paragraph with a specific topic sentence. It will
announce the first major idea you will be developing. If you look at my thesis above, you will
see that the first major characteristic is self-motivation. So your entire first body paragraph
will be about self-motivation. Your topic sentence, for example, could be something like this:
The first extremely important quality of successful college students is self-motivation. Then
you will develop this idea with some examples and illustrations.  When you are done with this
paragraph, make sure you close it with a nice final statement, closing comment. You are now
ready to move to the second body paragraph and develop the second characteristic.
Start your second body paragraph with a new topic sentence. Make sure you clearly
state the quality you will be discussing here. Self-discipline is another very important trait of successful people. Now provide some examples, explanations, illustrations of this quality, how it works, how it can be developed. You might even use a negation or a negative example. Describe an individual who is lacking self-discipline and create a scenario of what might happen to that student.
Continue developing your ideas until you are finished with every one of them. Now it is time to write your conclusion. I have a separate document that gives examples and explanations of introductions and conclusions. Refer to that document.

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