Europe in the Middle Ages


In this discussion, you will role-play a member of one of the Estates during the Middle Ages who explains your position in society and your relationship with the other two estates. To be successful with this discussion, you must understand the stories told in the Module 4 Exploration and Lecture -- particularly the information on Society and Culture and Religion.


For this discussion, pretend that you are either a knight, a member of the clergy, or a peasant during the Middle Ages. Be gender specific; for example, if you are a peasant, you might be male or female; if a member of the church, you might be a monk or a nun. In your chosen role, compose a post a follows:

Write a 150-200 word description of your typical day, from morning to night.

Explain how you interact with the other estates (classes) in the course of your day.

Post your story.

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