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What role does the police subculture play if any in fueling law enforcement misconduct? Defend your position.

For this particular discussion, I find it is important to annotate that there could be some differences between police subculture due the large amount of variables. When we say police subculture, I feel we can look at police subculture at the macro or micro level. At the macro level, we can see the core values that law enforcement endorses throughout the country. At the federal and/or state level, we can see a recruitment and training standard that is also geared to culturally acclimate the new recruits. At the micro level, we can example specific satellite offices or entities within in a city. While most might embody the same values, some entities may have an altered perception on what misconduct is and what could be the appropriate measure(s) of discipline. While there are many variables that impact an operational unit’s culture, some studies have indicated primary variables for ethical conduct. Lim (2016) released a study that claimed  “…organizational factors strongly and consistently influence integrity and accountability…”. Throughout the study, Lim (2016) cites that it is the leadership that solidifies the ethical tone within their organization. This seems to conclude that all the training a recruit receives regarding ethical conduct (and values) can be eroded depending on the unit s/he is assigned too. At this point, it’s growing apparent that it’s extremely important on who the organization selects for leadership positions

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