ADVANCEMENTS and FAILURES – How did the first versions or early adopters perform? What portions of your subject did well? What failed? What aspects have been added over time? What has been eliminated?



Ethical Hackers. Ethical Hackers perform the same security breach activities as criminal hackers. However, they have the permission to hack an organization's network in order to perform tests that keep it safe from illegal hacking. Do you think this is a good idea? Are we really keeping our digital world safe? Or are we training new potential criminals that could “turn to the dark side” should they become disgruntled in their lives or careers? Have there been cases of Ethical Hackers that turned rogue?


APA format & References Page – a minimum of FIVE solid references. Your team’s research paper is to be written in complete and clean APA format. Your references do NOT have to be scholarly references. They can be commercial media references, but should be from professional organizations or magazine articles. NO WIKIPEDIA.

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      Ethical Hackers. Ethical Hackers perform the same security …

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    The ethical hackers is a hired individual by an organization and granted permission to hack an organization network to test the security or safety of the firm. The action is a good idea as it assist the organization in detecting the safety of their systems

    Ethical hacking is a good idea because it help identify and test vulnerability in any network for correction. It keeps security processionals on their toes lest some geek bypasses the established security protocols