Essay Questions; Due March 14 by noon; must include references


1. You are a health educator at a state health department. You are tasked with creating a theory-based campaign/program to reach communities that are refusing the COVID vaccines. You are presenting to your supervisors the process you will take to plan out the campaign using the PRECEDE-PROCEED planning model. In detail, walk your audience through each step of the planning process. Provide details for each step. 


2. Mississippi University for Women developed an intervention to reduce obesity among students, by developing a “Healthy Eating Media Campaign.” This campaign focused on providing students with information on healthy eating and providing students, both on and off campus, with information on healthy eating, making wise food choices at the cafeteria and area restaurants, and providing students with simple, healthy, and inexpensive meal preparation methods. The media campaign lasted 3months and included a strong social media presence, a recipe app, YouTube and TikTok videos, and extensive campus promotion. 

a. Please describe how you would evaluate the process of this intervention. What information would you need to conduct this evaluation?

b. Describe how you would evaluate the impact and the outcome of this intervention. Describe the study design, the type of data you would use or collect, your main impact and outcome measures as well as a list of the key confounders. What analyses would you use?

c. What do you think would be the major sources of bias and confounding in investigating the effect of the intervention on your outcome measures and how would you try to mitigate their impact in the design and data analysis stages of the evaluation? 

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