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 There is a minimum of 350+ words for your essay. Not including the title, etc.
Choose one of the three questions
1. Ch4: The Principles of Design
After watching the video “Kara Walker” discuss her work as she “explores the raw intersection of race, gender, and sexuality”. The video link Kara Walker: Starting Out | Art21 "Extended Play"

2.Ch06: Drawing 
After watching the video Tala Madani's  Sketchbooks compose a short essay discussing the following: 

  1. What is the crucial role that sketchbooks are in her work?
  2. Select two sketches such as the "Elephant" and share its story. The video Link Tala Madani: Sketchbooks | Art21 "Extended Play"
  3. After watching the video about Iian McCaig discuss his concepts of the creative process. Have you personally experience a passion for something that you feel represents the creative process?

The video link

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