essay of Petronius' Satyricon


1. Find a magazine article describing something off the charts in terms of spending: a wealthy person throwing a lavish dinner party (Oprah’s 50th birthday bash, e.g.), buying an outrageously expensive item (such as Angelina Jolie’s pacifier), Hollywood stars buying hollow rings in which to store gems (but not too showy!), etc. and describe how this would fit right into Trimalchio’s world.   What does this say about the values of this subset of society, the 1%? Is it difficult not to write satire?  (500 words).

2. Trimalchio represents the nouveau riche. Give examples of three places where Petronius makes fun of Trimalchio for his emphasis on wealth. (100 words)

3. In the Quartilla episode (16-27), Petronius satirizes an eastern religion,  the cult of Priapus.   Give three examples of how Petronius shows his disapproval of this cult. (100 words)

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