Essay for Myth2


Please write the essay within following instructions based on the given outline and feedback from prof. All the sources should be related to the course material and readings I posted. Cite the sources with APA format(about 5-6 sources).  About 3-4 pages length, before you start, reading the "writing assignment" doc, and professor's feedback from my last essay carefully.  Please please do not use any outside source, cause my professor is very strict on it, and all the source need to just come from the given reading docs. The power point I posted provide you a few statistics.  

After you finished the draft, please write the cover letter with the same format in the cover letter template I dropped in the files. 

Thanks for your cooperation. 

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  • Hi, this is the final version of my paper. I might ask you to revise and based on the previous three Latino myth paper and my .

    Combine the draft 1, 2 and together into one big essay …