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Essay 2: Global Finance and Free Trade—Limits and Possibilities 

Considering the readings, video presentations, and your own research, draft a quality 5–7 pg. research paper on the logic, rationale, and effectiveness of Global Economic Governance in accordance with the following prompts, answering in a separate or integrated manner as you wish.

  • Reasoning with clear ideas      and examples, explain at least 3reasons for the authority and legitimacy      of the IMF and World Bank?      According to their defenders, what is their stated role and rationale? In      reverse, mention at least 3criticisms of these institutions. Is there a      particularly Christian approach to international finance or micro-finance,      or might Christians split left to right on this issue? Explain. 
  • Reasoning with clear ideas      and examples, discuss the pros and      cons of the free trade regime established after WWII. Most Western      economists defend free trade as a religious mantra, believing it a partial      remedy for the ills of inequality between peoples, states, and regions      like the North-South divide for example. Many Christians endorse free      trade as one of the only ways to reconcile capitalism, freedom, and      Christian faith. Providing 3pros and 3cons, offer a more balanced view of      free trade.
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