1. Actively read Whistling Vivaldi Won't Save You" (Links to an external site.) by Ms. McMillan Cottom, writing notes on her main points. 
  2. (Open Word or Google Docs—and save your file). Write a one-two paragraph (half-3/4 page double spaced) summary of the article’s main claim, including the author, title of the article, her main thesis and main points. The source is called Slate, which is an online magazine.
  3. Next, write another paragraph or two evaluating the author’s application of Whistling Vivaldi to both the specific situation of Ferrell’s death and the broader problems with race relations in the US. In what ways do you agree or disagree with her points? Don't use outside sources beyond this article and your textbook. Even if you agree or disagree with the content of her argument, also discuss her approach to writing the article. What was effective or not and why?
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