For this paper, we are writing about the film The Giver. You will have several topic choices below, and not all of them fit into our traditional essay format.  Please choose the topic that best "speaks" to you.  If you need to rewatch   the movie, you may do so at this link:

Here are your topic choices:

1.   The Giver has several Rites of Passage.  Compare and/ or contrast the Rites of Passage in The Giver to those in your life or to those in our society.  What do the Rites of Passage say about the societies in which they live?  Your answers will be different based on the Rites about which you choose to write.

2.   The Giver has a map, found by Jonas, which demonstrates the Plan for Sameness.  How can The Giver comment on what is happening in our current society?

3.   The movie The Giver is based on the book The Giver, written by Lois Lowry.  Read the book.  What are some of the major changes made from the book to the movie, and how do you think the changes affect the movie?

4.  The Giver is supposed to be set in an Utopian society; however, it becomes clear that the Communities is a Dystopian society.  Trace the process Jonas goes through as his awareness  from one society to the other emerges.

5. Write a different ending for the film.  You may include dialogue and be as creative as you wish.

6. Choose three elements from the film (plot, sub plot, irony, symbols, characterizations, foreshadowing, film coloring, etc.) and describe how they contribute to the overall message/ theme of the film – whatever you think the theme is. Don't forget to identify the theme. This would be a traditional five to six paragraph essay.

7. Write a film review.  Choose three elements of the film (acting, scenery, plot, etc.) and critique them in a “traditional” five to six paragraph essay.

8. Add a new character to the film.  Describe this character and explain what purpose this character would serve in the film.  Explain how the film would change as a result of the addition of this character.

9. Write a letter from one of the characters in the film to yourself as a character in the film.  Let the character divulge information to you that is not present in the film.  Write down what the character would articulate to you if the character had had the chance to express anything he or she had wanted.

10.  At the film’s end, are Jonas and Gabe dead or alive? Explain.

11.  Create your own utopia. Describe its setting, people, laws, ways of life, etc.

Please double space, and use a 14pt. font in Arial.  Your paper must be submitted in Word format in either .doc or .docx.  Please write the number of the paper you are submitting at the top of the first page. 

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