Consider Turkle’s concerns and insights about technology in relation to Thompson and Clive’s pieces.  Write an essay in which you use specific examples from the above three texts**(YOU MAY CHOOSE 2 out of the 3 or include ALL) to build an argument on the positive and negative aspects of digital life.  Do you agree or disagree with what the authors are arguing. Why or why not? Explore the strengths and limitations of the particular modes of technology and how they impact individuals.  Stake your own position in this debate. Defend your thesis and build your argument using quotes from the readings by Turkle, Thompson and Blum. Be sure to quote and analyze specific passages in each text as you explain what you find significant about the authors’ ideas.

Essay Guidelines:

Quote the assigned readings to support your answer.  Do not do additional research.  Be sure to demonstrate your comprehension of the pieces by quoting and discussing relevant passages to support your thesis.  Essays that draw support solely upon personal experience will not receive a passing grade. Additionally, make sure that you are not merely summarizing the readings, but presenting your independent argument. 

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