The game here is simple, but this piece of the puzzle is graded, so approach with due care.

First, make sure that you read the assignment instructions for the photo essay I have placed on the preceding page. Then make sure you read all the required readings for the week (it should take you approximately 20 minutes).

Once you have done those things, you will be ready to pitch your photo essay idea on this Discussion Board Page.


In 200 words or more, tell us all about your idea for a journalistic photo essay. What is your story going to be about? What photographs do you plan to capture for your story? What do you think will be your biggest challenges in bringing your story to the table? Will your story involve some kind of expedition or road trip? How much money do you think it will take to carry out your project? What program do you intend to render the final version of your story in (not google docs!!). What kind of expert source(s) will you interview for your story, and what will your research graf be about? How are you going to use word-wrap to make your story visually balanced and attractive?

REMEMBER: Once I have approved your pitch (I will not approve all of them at first), it is that story—or some acceptable version of that story—I will expect you to deliver for your final project. Anything shifts in topic matter should be bounced off yours truly.

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