Essay prompt

Because you are taking this course, your friend who writes a blog about Racism asks you about the term Orientalism and if or how it relates to Racism. 

They invite you to write an essay between 600-900 words to publish on their website regarding this issue.

They want your essay to cover the following main points:

1- What are the differences and similarities between Orientalism and Racism? How do they relate to each other? (Review the resources provided in the course to make sure you have a clear understanding of these two concepts, build on definitions that are already made by scholars. Use your own words for the definitions but do not come up with your own definitions of these concepts.

Include why they exist, include briefly how they both started, how they relate to power and knwoledge, make your argument using any other evidence you want from the resources

Give examples from the resources in this course to illustrate your points. Refer to the example that Said gives about Nerval's ( a prominent French author from the 19th century) work in the interview video to explain Orientalism.  Refer to examples that Kendi gave in his prologue or videos (document and videos provided in weeks 6 and 7).

The resources on Orientalism in this week's folder include Video 1 (very short and concise), Video 2 (only watch 10 minutes) and highlighted paragraphs in PDF from Edward Said's book Orientalism. The essay is more about your own reflections and analysis rather than consulting multiple resources. The resources I provided should be enough, but feel free to consult with other resources outside the courses if you need to. Do not copy from the internet. You cheat yourself if you do that. It is not learning when you copy and paste. It is plagiarism.

It would take you less time to sit down and write. Think, write, and organize your draft.

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