Select two of the three essay topics below and submit two essays of 250 – 500 words that exhibit drive, ambition, and dreams. Please indicate the essay prompt you are responding to. 1) Own It: As a leader, looking inwards and focusing on what you can control is incredibly important. Please describe an initiative you hope to develop or have successfully developed. How will you take ownership from start to finish, and what do you hope to learn along the way? 2) Be Curious: Some of the most remarkable inventions and discoveries have been made as a result of one thing: curiosity. At Mejuri, we believe a desire for learning and experimentation helps us persist—through failure and eventually to success. Tell us about your growth mindset and how it appears either in your own life or in your goals for the future. 3) Embrace Ambiguity: Given how much the world has evolved in 2020, how will you continue to persist through future ambiguity.

i choose topic 3

i want 250 words which is 5 Pages long

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