who was George Washington and what did he warn

future generations about?  Did we heed or ignore his

advice?  Why do you think this is so?

Restatement of what your writing prompt should be about: 

I would like for you to focus on GEORGE WASHINGTON'S warnings in his “Farewell Address” of 1796 about involvement in foreign affairs and our tendency to entertain political partisanship in this country.  Pick either one of the admonishments made by GW and tell me why you think he included them in his Farewell Address. After you have sorted that out, you will tell me whether or not you think that we have heeded his warnings or ignored them altogether.  To answer this question adequately, you will need to include plenty of facts and examples from your readings, viewings, our discussion or your text to support your arguments one way or the other.  Also, when you are talking about whether we have heeded or ignored his warnings, you will need to cite several examples.  This may require you to do some additional research online. 

Paper Requirements

1.  Essay must be typed as a MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT using 14” Arial font (loss of style points if this instruction is not adhered to).

2.  Sentences are spaced 1.5” apart

3.  Essay should be at least 2-3 pages in length.

3.  References may be cited at the end; however, you do not need footnotes in your paper.

4. will rate the originality of your essay.  I generally proscribe to anything under 20% of originality does not raise red flags…anything over that does.

5.   Please run a spell check on your essay before you submit it.  Papers that are grammatically more correct earn higher scores.

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