It is important in health care that you are able to communicate clearly. For this reason, please provide an attached sheet of paper a properly constructed essay explaining the following topics:

1- Reason(s) for desiring to enter the ADN program (Associate Degree in Nursing)
     you can write something related to people, another reason to enter I have a good      GPA (3.7) and my grades of all sciences are A's

2- List your strengths and weaknesses 

      My strength:  I'm a hard worker, openminded, focused, secure.

      Weaknesses: public speaking, too sensitive)

3- List your hobbies ( my hobbies:
I like to go with my son to raise a kite, doing exercises, go to the beach,
watch movies)

4- One thing you have accomplished that has given you great satisfaction.  (well, this year has been a year of quite a lot of joy, in February I got my American citizenship, also I finished my associate in sciences. These two achievements make me feel very satisfied because it is not easy to study, work and have a family.

5- Any other information about yourself which you feel is pertinent to this application. 

PLEASE!!! make it a clear essay, easy words, I need something simple, it is for the entry to the nursing program. At least 250 words. Thanks

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