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Answer the following three questions in a typed two to three-page, double spaced response.

1. Marc Reisner, the author of this book, chooses interesting titles for both the book and the various chapters within it. The Introduction section is titled "Semi-Desert with a Desert Heart". What does Reisner mean by this title? In addition, what does he mean by the title of the book, Cadillac Desert? 

2. It is difficult to fully answer this question without reading the entire book, but Reisner provides a number of hints in the introductory chapter. Use those hints to explain why, given the problems with water projects that he has outlined, have we continued to try to "turn the American west into Illinois"? 

3. There's a section of a poem by Shelley, Ozymandias, opposite the title page of the book. Why did Reisner include this poem at the beginning of the book?

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